This journey into the mind, body, spirit is a comprehensive process that leaves no stone unturned. It is a journey of courage and faith as we expose our delusions, reveal our truths, and delve into our hearts with honest and pure intent.

We identify and re-frame belief systems to serve and support a nurturing and vital mindset. What we believe about ourselves either limits or opens possibilities and opportunities. What we believe is what we create. Do I believe I am worthy and deserving of love? success? peace? respect? an intimate, loving, lasting relationship? financial abundance? good health and well being? friendships and community...?

Appointments are available in person, on video chat, or over the phone.



  • Intuitive healing

  • Spiritual guidance

  • Mind, Body, Spirit Connection

  • Self-esteem and self worth advocate

  • Aromatherapy and healing touch


Energy Cleansing

A gentle, peaceful, relaxing process that promotes harmony, balance and transformation in your life as you connect with the divine light within. Sessions may include the use of sage, crystals, sound healing, chakra realignment, guided meditation, qi gong, cord cutting and/or sacred dance. This sacred process can dispel negative thoughts, emotions, fatigue, lack of interest and promote increased energy, serenity, motivation, confidence and optimism. Spiritual energy clearing can foster connections with your angels and guides.




  • Discussion of benefits of meditation practice

  • Introducing various forms of meditation (basic, focused, mindfulness)

  • Guided meditation

  • Meditation practice

  • Group meditation



Fitness and Nutrition Coaching

  • Direction and support in the development and discipline of a routine physical fitness plan. (Provided on individual or group basis)

  • Utilization of nutritional assessments and expanding discussion of eating habits and choices to develop an optimal nutritional plan that addresses your dietary needs.

  • For those requiring additional guidance and support, assistance with food shopping, meal planning and accountability can be provided.