My journey began at quite a young age. Ever since I can remember, I have been searching for truth. My path has included great joy and love, as well as devastating grief and loss. I have endured heartbreak, loss, abuse, addictions, failure, illness and depression.

My greatest battle, I discovered, was an internal one. I felt empty inside, uncomfortable and purposeless. I found temporary fixes in relationships, alcohol, food, education, career, working out, and focusing on other’s needs before my own. I did anything to distract myself and to fill the void of loneliness that I was feeling.

At different times in my life, I sought individual therapy, group therapy, took anti-depressants, and participated in spiritual practices. I never stopped seeking ways to deal with my pain.

Through much seeking and perseverance, I came to see that I was suffering from an internal condition, one that no other human or external solution could fix. I found that what I needed was the strength and power of something greater than myself.

My access and connection to this source of infinite power and love was vital to achieving a sense of freedom, inner peace and joy. All it took was willingness, an open mind, honesty, perseverance and commitment. The walls I had built up came down. With each lesson learned and growing pain endured, I was able to discover new treasures.

I have overcome both great challenges and what appeared at times, to be impossible situations. Today, I can honestly say that I appreciate all I have experienced and learned. I have evolved into the person I am as a result of all my experiences – good and bad. I believe in the power of our shared humanity. This is why I choose to share both my professional and personal experiences.

The awakening of the mind, body, spirit is a soulful life-changing experience. Transformation is always possible with willingness and an open mind at the helm.