Surround yourself by the love and beauty of nature and wisdom at one of Inner Peace’s retreats.

I invite you to join me for a transformative life experience at one of Inner Peace’s retreats. We gather several times in various destinations throughout the year. The retreats are an amazing unique opportunity to share heart connections with other beautiful light beings. The sacred space at retreats is an opportunity to grow a community of friends that can last a lifetime.

Food is provided. Meals are prepared and shared by participants. The sharing of  responsibilities brings a sense of community, belonging and value. You will not leave an Inner Peace retreat without feeling seen, heard, acknowledged, deeply connected, inspired and celebrated!


Each of our retreats features a theme. Past and present retreat themes, include but are not limited to the following:

Divine Light: Discover and celebrate the unique and extraordinary essence of your heart and soul.

Chakra Series: Bring long-lasting healing and peace to your life as you participate and experience the seven energy centers through activities, art, music, dance. Bring balance and peace to your life!

Theatrical Expression: Express and embrace yourself for the beautiful, unique individual that you are through fun, creative exercises. Discover your inner performer and share your talents free from judgment. Dance, sing, draw, write, recite poetry…


Take a look at one of our previous retreat schedules, so you can get an idea of what the weekend will be like.